A message from marissa-fa
I can't remember if I've asked before or not, but are you ever going to make your Ira/Mako/Ryuko print available on your storenvy? o vo

I don’t have a lot of copies at the moment since I just came back from San Japan but I just put up the remaining copies on my storenvy!! so if you’d like a copy, you can get one now! (tho I have… very limited stock of it………… orz)

I also updated a few other things in my shop as well! just a warning tho, I’ll be closing my shop sometime next week for a while since I’ll be out of town again soon

hey guys!!!! so this weekend i’m going to be at SAN JAPAN in san antonio texas! if you’re going, here’s an opportunity for you to buy something from me!! this is a list of some (but not all) of the things i will be selling this weekend

hope to see some of you there!!

shake off all your skins and give them to me

like the empires of the world unite, we are alive (x)

finished another knb print!!!! now to work on a free! one… ahahah……… (glances at s2 ed…) 

/lies down

not entirely happy with this but w/e it’s done ahahha

please ship kenhina with me

A message from puppykise
I love that magical!Shinkai that you drew so much oh my god I don't even know how to express it ;A; <33

omg thank you so much!!! I had a lot of fun drawing him @ v @ I love fluffy magical girl bunny stuff haha……

some more ywpd 69min challenges